life in Guatemala

Metro Bowl

Metrobowl is located in a very exclusive zone of Guatemala, a centric and nice zone to visit, it´s a place where you can have fun in different ways especially with bowling, it also has a pool room with 8 tables in a quieter environment. For the kids, it has a variety of electronic machine games (cyberzone) where they can have fun while the parents play bowling and also there is a restaurant if you wish to eat something or a sports store for the bowling lovers. For more information go to this Site.


Monoloco is a restaurant-bar where you can share with friends or family, one is located in Antigua Guatemala and the other one in Zone 10 in Guatemala City, just 2 minutes from “Zona Viva”. This is a famous restaurant due to the amount of tourists that visit Antigua Guatemala and also because it provides a variety of delicious dishes, being their specialty the “nachos”. The environment it´s cozy and at the same time fun because of the diversity of clients that go from young adults, celebrating during the night, to families with kids during the day and weekend. For more information go to this Site.

Casa Chapina

Casa Chapina Restaurant, as it name indicates, it serves only Guatemalan food, typical and traditional of our country, for example tamales, tostadas, chuchitos, rellenitos, enchilada, all kinds of atoles. Is a restaurant that has a exquisite flavor in every meal. It´s located in Zona Viva of our city, Zona Viva is the area where all the clubs and bars of the city are located. For more information go to this Site.

Rainbow Cafe

This place is perfect if you want to relax in good company, is a place where you can concentrate having a delicious cup of coffee, a salad or homemade breakfasts. A unique place where students gather for its quiet environment. For more information go to this Site.

Aurora Zoo

Aurora Zoo is located in zone 13 of the city, very close to the Aurora National Airport, the zoo has a variety of animals of the African region for example: lion, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, etc. Also animals of the Asian region which are: elephant, Bengal tiger, brown bear. Even though these are the main attractions also has farm and American region animals. Admission for kids from 2 to 12 years is Q. 12.00 and adults Q. 25.00, is a cozy and family environment. For more information go to this Site.

Museos Centroamericanosl

Is a net of Central America museums in Guatemala, a wide variety of museums to know, not only in the city but in the different departments of the country, is an opportunity to delve into the Mayan history because counts with many sculptures and stone carvings, arrow points and a lot of artifacts utilized by the Mayans in their time, also the museums list includes modern art museums and the coffee museum which is one of the major exports of Guatemala. It´s something very educational that used to know deeply the country and their ancestors. For more information go to this Site.


IRTRA organization has a variety of parks to share with family and friends, the 3 main attractions are: IrtraPetapa, a park with amusement rides, pools, games for kids, soccer and basketball courts, is located within Guatemala City in case you can´t go to the department of Retalhuleu where the other 2 parks are located. One of them is Xetulul, an amusement park that has a variety of game like rollercoasters and carrousels. On the contrary Xocomil is a water park with slides, pools, water games, etc. Both are touristic places to have fun and with first class facilities. For more information go to this Site..







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